Further information about the corona virus

Last update April 23, 2020 - 1:00 o'clock

Résidence Koningshof closely follows the developments concerning the corona virus. We strictly follow the advice of RIVM. The instructions can be found on the website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Our holiday park will remain open, including the reception, you'll receive information in advance which measures we've taken, in order to keep it as safe as possible for everyone.

We do our utmost in order to keep this page as current and accurate as possible.

Question and answer:

Question: I would like to cancel my holiday because of the Coronavirus outbreak. What will this mean for me?
Answer: Have a look at our terms and conditions at the bottom of the homepage. In these terms and conditions you'll find our regular cancellation policy.


Question: I would like to cancel my holiday due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (in the region) at my holiday destination. Are holiday days which aren't taken reimbursed?
Answer: Your travel and/or cancellation insurance does provides a definite answer.

Would you like to change or cancel your booking?
Please only contact us if you have a booking with an arrival before June 1, 2020. For a booking with an arrival from June 1, 2020, please keep an eye on this website.

Call! Please don't contact us by phone for change of reservation and canceling, but by e-mail. Don't forget to mention your booking number.

Last minute booking: Please note! If you book last minute, it's at your own risk and you can't move or cancel the booking!

More information

We would like to inform you that we're closely following the Corona virus situation. We use the RIVM instructions as a starting point for precautions to be taken.

In case of flu symptoms, we advise you to contact your doctor as soon as possible before traveling to our holiday park in Schoorl. We advise everyone present, visitors and employees following the general hygiene rules:

  • Wash hands regularly. Hand disinfectants are available in the center building;
  • Cough and sneeze inside your elbow;
  • Use tissue paper;
  • Avoid contact with people with respiratory complaints (cough, cold, etc.);
  • Prefer greeting each other verbally.

If you show symptoms, please don't come to our reception, but instead contact us by telephone allowing us to call in a doctor if necessary. Telephone number. 072-5091510

Are we closed? Below you'll find the opening hours of the general practitioner, or when it is closed from the GP post in case of emergency, too.

Outside reception opening hours , you can contact the Westfriesland GP if you need medical help during the evening, at night or during the weekend that can't wait until the next working day.
For life-threatening situations, call 112.

Phone no. 072-5180618 (always make an appointment by phone first!)

Visiting address

Huisartsenpost Alkmaar
Hertog Aalbrechtweg 5a
1823 DL Alkmaar

On behalf of the park and staff members, we thank you for your cooperation.


Read the frequently asked questions here ...

1) Is the park still open?

Yes, the park is still open for guests to go out.


2) I s cancellation possible if I via the website ( www.residencekoningshof. nl ) o f the reception (072 509 1510 or {/12/12). }) booked yet?

Cancellation is possible, subject to applicable cancellation conditions, which can be found in the general conditions at www.residencekoningshof.nl at the bottom of the website.

If you've got a booking in which you arrive in the period up to and including 1st of juni and you don't wish to cancel under the applicable cancellation conditions, there is a possibility to rebook.

With a change of reservation you can move your booking for the whole year of 2020. If it's going to turn out more expensive because of the change in the period, this is for your account.


3) Is cancellation possible if I have booked through a tour operator?

This is totally up to the tour operator. In that case, please contact the relevant tour operator for anything related to cancellation and change of reservation.


4) How does the check-in work now?

Check-in is outside the reception as often as possible. If you'll arrive until June 1, you'll receive further information about this via email.


5) How does the check-out work now?

Check-out is outside the reception as often as possible. If you'll leave until June 1, you'll receive more information about this via email.


6) What should I do if I've got symptoms or the virus before arrival

We advise you to contact the reception and to move or cancel your booking if necessary. If you get / have complaints during your stay, you should contact the reception and the GP post outside opening hours (see park booklet) and especially don't come here yourself. This is due to the safety of our own health.

Telephone number Résidence Koningshof: 075 509 1510

Telephone number GP Hartendorp: 072 581 1438

Telephone number GP Bergen: 072 581 3895


7) If I have booked with cancellation insurance?

Then we request that you contact www.recreatieverzekeringen.nl or another insurance company where you have cancellation insurance.


8) I rented a house with an arrival date after June 1. How to proceed now?

So far we have an arrangement for bookings until June 1, because these have been taken nationally by the government. Therefore it's best to wait until more information about the national regulations is known after June 1. Until now, you can't rebook free of charge if your booking is made from June 1 and you can't cancel free of charge.


9) Should I be concerned about my May / June / July or August holiday?

No, you don't have to worry so far, as this is even further into the year and concerns are currently more focused on bookings in April and May.


10) What period can I change to?

You can move your booking for the full year of 2020. This only applies to 2020. When you convert your booking to a different date, it may happen that an extra charge is added for the chosen period. You'll be charged these costs.


11) If i k rebook my holiday now can I change it again later?

Unfortunately this isn't possible, it's a nonrefundable change.


12) If I rebook my holiday to a later period and this turns out more expensive, will I pay the additional cost?

Yes, You'll pay the additional cost that will be calculated over the new booked date when it applies.


13) Can I still book a home until June 1?

Yes, you can, only last-minute bookings can no longer be canceled and / or rebooked free of charge.


14) How do I keep up to date with the latest developments?

We recommend that you follow the website and the news.