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Holiday Resort North Holland

Holiday Resort North Holland

  • Vacation park in Schoorl
  • Luxurious holiday villas
  • Near the beach and sea

Vacation Park in Noord-Holland

Do you want to spend your well earned vacation in Noord-Holland? Stay at EuroParcs Koningshof; a vacation park located in Schoorl with luxurious holiday vacation. Our luxurious vacation park in Noord-holland is located on the edge of National Park De Schoorlse Duinen, where you can enjoy lots of rest and privacy. Enjoy the sea, the beach, the forest and the rural surroundings, which make your vacation in our vacation park in Noord-Holland at the coast extra special. The park has an Old Dutch ambiance, with long green lanes and stones houses suitable for 4 to 6 persons which perfectly fit in their surroundings. Perfect for a weekend, week or a longer vacation with the family!


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Holiday homes for 2 to 6 people

Vacation park in Noord-Holland at the coast

When you book your holiday at our luxurious vacation park in Noord-Holland, you are guaranteed of a luxurious, detached holiday home. All holiday homes have a living room, completely furnished kitchen and 2 or 3 bedrooms. You can also enjoy the lovely sun outside on the private terrace. Are you looking for a bit more luxury at our vacation park in Noord-Holland at sea? Stay in a wellness holiday home with sauna (traditional and infrared) and bathroom with Sun shower. Or book a wellness holiday home with jacuzzi to really relax. Who does not want that? You can also make use of the park facilities at our vacation park in Noord-Holland. Enjoy fresh buns at breakfast with the bun service, play a game of table tennis or rent bicycles and discover the beautiful nature. Children can also enjoy themselves with the playing equipment. 

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Discover the surroundings of Noord-Holland

You cannot only enjoy yourself to your heart's content at our holiday park in Noord-Holland at sea, but there is also plenty to do in the surroundings. Visit the artist village in Bergen or visit cities such as Alkmaar and Amsterdam, or enjoy the setting sun during a romantic beach walk. Tip: visit the climbing dune in the center of Schoorl, this is a great meeting place for young and old. Looking for a bit more excitement and adventure? Go on a breathtaking balloon flight to enjoy the great view of Noord-Holland. When are you going to visit our vacation park in Noord-Holland at the coast?

Tips for activities in the surroundings: 

  • Mountain bike course
  • Brede Duinenroute
  • The beach
  • City of Alkmaar
  • Dutch Cheese Museum
  • The Zuiderzee museum

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Frequently asked questions about our vacation park in North Holland⤵

⭐ What is the best holiday park in North Holland at the sea?

It goes without saying that the best holidays are had at the sea! And as luck would have it, EuroParcs Koningshof is situated close to it. From our holiday park in Schoorl, you can be at the coast in a matter of minutes. Opt for a comfortable stay at one of our uniquely located holiday homes, which are suitable for two to six persons. Ideal for a beach holiday with your partner or family!

📍 Where can I find a luxurious holiday park in North Holland?

If you are looking for a luxurious holiday park in North Holland, you will not have to look any further. At EuroParcs Koningshof in Schoorl, you can stay at luxurious holiday homes close to the sea. Isn't it wonderful? You can make your stay even more pleasant by staying at one of our wellness holiday homes, for instance with a jacuzzi or a sauna.

❓ What is a fun holiday park in North Holland in Schoorl?

For a holiday in Schoorl, EuroParcs Koningshof is the ideal destination. Our holiday park in North Holland is located on the edge of De Schoorlse Duinen National Park, and at just five kilometers from the beach. Perfect to enjoy a wonderful walk, or to go cycling. Our park is also near to the pleasant city of Alkmaar, where you can go shopping or take a seat at the nice terraces. During your stay out our luxurious holiday homes in North Holland, you will definitely not be bored!

🐕 Want to spend a holiday at a holiday park in North Holland with your dog?

For a holiday at a holiday park in North Holland with your dog, you have come to the right place at EuroParcs Koningshof! Your dog is part of the family, of course, which is why it is more than welcome at our holiday park in North Holland as well. With your dog, you can stay at a wonderful home at our holiday park in Schoorl. You can go for great walks at De Schoorlse Duinen National Park from your holiday accommodation in North Holland, or get a breath of fresh air at the sea.