EuroParcs Koningshof
Surroundings of Koningshof


  • Near the Schoorl dunes
  • Cycling and walking possibilities
  • Beautiful dune landscapes

Discover the area of EuroParcs Koningshof

There are many diverse day trips to enjoy for all age groups in the area of EuroParcs Koningshof! They range from hiking or cycling through the dunes to surfing or paddleboarding on the North Sea. Thanks to the 60 km of hiking trails in the Schoorlse Duinen nature area, you can go for wonderful walks through the area, but you can also visit the picturesque village of Schoorl. The same goes for the beach, where you can get a breath of fresh air or enjoy some water sports. You will not feel bored for a single day during your stay at EuroParcs Koningshof.

The widest and most varied nature reserve along the coast of the Netherlands can be found in Schoorl: the Schoorlse Duinen. Schoorl is a beautiful picturesque village in North Holland and belongs to the municipality of Bergen. The area around Schoorl is ideal for a nice walk or for making beautiful bike rides.


Discover the surroundings of EuroParcs Koningshof

The most varied and expansive nature area near the coast of Holland is found in Schoorl: The Schoorlse Duinen. Nature lovers enjoy a walk or a bike ride through the gorgeous area. Schoorl is a beautiful picturesque village in Noord-Holland, which is worth a visit during your stay. Do you prefer art and culture ?Make sure to pay a visit to the village of Bergen; a true artist's village with many museums and art galleries.

EuroParcs Koningshof is situated near the edge of Nationaal Park De Schoorlse Duinen. Here you can enjoy the air and climb the dunes. Want to escape the busy life? Visit this gorgeous nature area, it's calm here. There's more than 60 kilometers of walking routes laid out, which lead you to the highest dunes, oldest forests and the drifting dunes. Take a look at all possibilities for a day out below.

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